Changed mens role and expectation of the gender role in Africa and the influence of colonialism

I want my essay to be about changed gender role(especially, male compare Okonkow and Toundi) which is noticed in those two books(Things Fall apart-achebe, Houseboy-oyono) and the influence of colonialism and charistianity.

Here is the assignment and detailed instruction

Longer Paper
In this paper will draw on close reading and interpretive skills learned in journal writing and in the shorter papers. In this paper you may select an aspect or several aspects of at least two primary texts on the reading list and develop on them. The key in this essay is to think comparatively between two or more texts. Your essay should be like an extended answer to an important question or questions regarding these two texts or more. In other words, I expect you to formulate a central question or questions and then proceed to provide an extended answer in the 5-6 pages. The question should be compelling enough to merit attention. I will offer suggestions in this regard. In addition, this longer paper will incorporate library research findings shedding light on the historical contexts of the countries and times within which the stories are set. Try to relate the historical context to the text, or explain how the historical background from your library research helps explain the meaning of the aspect or aspects of the text you chose to discuss. Remember to organize your essay into: an introduction (in which you will have the central question(s) and/or statement of your main argument, what you intend to do in the essay; the body (where you expand on or develop the argument by providing evidence through close reading of the text; and conclusion, in which you may answer the question a?so what?a? about your main argument. Sometimes you do not have to answer a question in the conclusion; you may simply ask another question or a series of relevant and thought-provoking questions. The point is to provoke, to let the readers think in a particular way on the subject. Remember to submit both the draft with TAas or professoras comments and the revised version of both the shorter and longer papers on the final due dates, namely, October 27 and December 15 to enable easy assessment of the level of improvement in your writing.

In brief we will be looking for the following in your papers:
a) Clear generative topic and thesis-Your essay, unlike the journal must have a specific title, not like the title of a play or novel e.g. instead of simply a?Beloveda? you may write a?The theme of Slavery in Toni Morrisonas Beloveda? as a title.
b) Topic sentence in every paragraph, i.e. the first sentence that announces, anticipates or determines what is to follow in a particular paragraph.
c) Organization of ideas and clarity of presentation i.e. how paragraphs and sentences build on one another and how clear your writing is. No paragraph should be one page long or one or two sentences long.
d) Logical development of argument(s) i.e. Are you persuasive or dogmatic or just sloppy?
e) Strict adherence to MLA citation style including pages a?Works Citeda? page at the end.
f) Mastery of Comparative Skills, particularly in the longer paper.
g) At least two outside sources but not Wikipedia.
h) Skillful integration of your ideas with those of others i.e a?they saya I saya? format. How does the source help you advance your argument? Why do you quote that source? How you introduce and then analyze the quotation.
g) Good Grammara no abbreviations, a?Martin Luther Kinga? not a?MLK,a? no contractions, write a?do not,a? and not a?donata? etc.

The sources must include quatation from Things fall apart-chinua achebeand Houseboy-Ferdinanad oyono”.
I want it to be done by 3pm today(11/17/2011).