Changes security in the United States

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6. Write in third person.
7. Cite page numbers for quotes from journals; paragraph numbers for quotes of web articles.
Domestic Terrorism in the American Context
The 9/11 attacks o the U.S. homeland produced the most sweeping reorganization of the American security culture in history. The fear which arose following the attacks was matched by concerns that the United States was ill-prepared to prevent or adequately respond to determined terrorists. Homeland securitybecame a part of everyday life and culture because of 9-11. Although some degree of terrorist violence is likely to occur domestically, the possibility of another catastrophic attack leaves open the question of what impact such an event would have on society.
Discuss, from your perspective, the following questions in a written essay
How serious is the threat of catastrophic terrorism
Can catastrophic attacks be prevented?
How would a catastrophic terrorist attack affect American homeland security culture?
How will society in general be affected by a catastrophic attack?
What is the likelihood that Homeland Security authority will be expanded in the future?
Paper due 18 April 15, 2015 NLT 7pm EST.