Changing policy to county jails hold immates for two year sentence rather than one

*This position paper will be a scholarly essay on a key issue in corrections.This is not a recap of what you have researched. it should be analytical response with your opinions on the issues. it should include recommondations for what may be needed regarding the topic.
*The paper will be three be three pages in length not inclulding the cover and reference page.All sources must be listed on a reference page.
*Be analytical in your report tske a side in the issue or atleast have an opinion that you can back up your reasons for not taking a specific side.
* keep in mind when making an argument, need to use the textual evidence to support not just the general opinion.
*organize your s paper in such a way so that it contains an overall thesis statement.
*the paper should be 99.9 %grammatically and syntactically sound
words like Went”, Can should be written as proceeded.
words like Notshould be as rrefuse.