Chapter 10 The River and the Path: Conversation and Collective Expression in West African Music

I want you to write the answers of these questions please make sure to write the correct answer please because I always do it with you with you guys and I got many mistakes all what you have to do is write the answers of these questions using your own words ( Chapter 10 you will find the answers of these question in (chapter 10 book (World Music, TRADITIONS AND TRANSFORMATIONS, SECOND EDITION, MICHEAL B. BAKAN) here are the questions :
How is the term polyvocality applied in this chapter?
What were the six musical Africanisms listed in the chapter? How do they apply to the various musical examples explored?
Besides the Kora, what other Mande instruments identified with jeliya were discussed?
Who is Seckou Keita? Salif Keita? Mamady Keita? Who was Sunjata Keita? What does the last name Keita imply about a Mande personas family heritage? (Likewise, what do last names such as Kouyate, Diabate, and Sissoko imply about family lineage?)
What do the words Kumbengo, Birimintingo, and Sataro mean relative to Mande musical practice? Where do you hear examples of these in the chapteras musical selections?
How may the growing presence of the kora over the course of a?Okan Balea? be interpreted symbolically? (pages 218-219)
write each question under it the answer