Chapter 4 review from cradle to cradle Waste equals food “

Chapter # 4A from theA  a?waste equals food.a?A  From Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things, by William McDonough.

The decomposition process described in chapter # 4 is a true cradle-to-cradle model, and the authors suggest a new way based on naturea¦

Using chapter # 4 please explain the different processes that a banana peel can take if placed it into a landfill or be placed in a compost pile.

1. What is the authors main objective for writing this chapter and what background do they have?
2. What questions does this chapter address?
3. What kind and quality of evidence do the authors use to support their conclusions?
4. Did it convince you?
5. After reading this chapter, did the authors change any of your previously ideas about this topic?
6. Did you learn something new?
7. Would you change the name of the chapter?