Chapters 8-16 Human adjustment text book

Review your Lecture Materials, Discussion Thread Posts, and Journal Entry items from Weeks 15-10 and write a 2-3 page essay outlining how the materials in the later part of the course has thus far has given you the opportunity to develop a perspective about the individual in society.

Make sure to include a minimum of 3 insights that you have developed and show how these insights can be directly tied to the course materials. Use your conclusion section to tie all of your insights together to make overall conclusions about what you have learned in the last part of the course and about the overall course itself.

A minimum of four in-text citations are to be used in the body of your essay, and you are also asked to include an APA reference list at the end of your essay. APA references will be worth 25 points of the 200 points available for the Final Exam Essay.