Character Analysis of A Mid Summer Nights Dream”

As noted in your text, Literature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing, drama a?necessarily focuses on its characters, who are persons the playwright creates to embody the playas actions, ideas, and attitudes. Of course, characters are characters, no matter where we find them, and many of the character types that populate drama are also found in fiction. The major quality of characters in drama, however, is that they become alive through their speeches and actions [emphasis mine]a? (Roberts 1205).

For this assignment, you are to write a character analysis from a play selected from the text. The work you choose to work with must be chosen from the list of works on the course syllabus. In other words, you must choose a character from a play that I have already asked you to read for class.

Some additional guidelines and suggestions follow:

1. Focus on a significant figure and formulate a central idea about his or her personality, function, or meaning. Is the character round or flat? Static or dynamic? Individualized or stereotyped? Realistic or nonrealistic? Symbolic? How is the character described in the stage directions (if any)? By other characters? By himself or herself? What does he or she do, think, say? What is the characteras attitude toward the environment? The action? Other characters? Himself or herself? To what extent does he or she articulate or embody key ideas in the play?

2. Your ideas about the character must be supported by a close reading of the text and by at least three quotes from critical (library) sources. Proper MLA documentation is, of course, required.

3. The finished paper must be typed and submitted in the correct Modern Language Association (MLA) essay format. Papers not in the proper MLA format will not be accepted.

4. Pay close attention to the section in your text on dramatic characters. Also review a?Referring to Plays and Parts of Playsa? (1259-1260) in Literature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing. These guidelines are critical to your success with this writing project.

5. Minimum length for this essay is three typed, double-spaced pages. More is fine if within reason.