Characteristic of diesel fuel by gas chromatography ( i am Msc student )

Dear writer please you must read the instruction carefully please dont skip it :

1write with simple U.K language as my English language is medium or weaker ( please )

2my prof said he must see the work every week so i must have draft from the work every three days ( please stick on this )

3-it is said (( The Dissertation is a literature review based on the general area of the project as specified by the supervisor. The title is to be agreed with your academic and industrial supervisors. Make sure that you keep in close touch with your supervisors to ensure that you are addressing the right subject areas and that the format is correct.))

4-Assessment of the Dissertation will be based on the following criteria.

Scientific merit (70%) including:

* How well does the report cover the field (specified by the supervisor)?

* Does the Dissertation offer a critical review of the literature or does it simply list what has been reported?

* Does the Dissertation distil the information provided into a useful conclusion that provides a summary of progress in the field with pointers to the most promising avenues for new research?

Presentation (30%):

* Is the topic presented in a logical fashion with a clear structure including a list of contents and appropriate use of headings, sub-headings, tables, graphics etc?

* Is the technical quality good in terms of use of English, legibility of text and graphics etc?

* Does the Bibliography and Reference list accurately cite the information provided and is it presented rigorously to an accepted format, for example, the format used in journals published by the Royal Society of Chemistry? Are web sites cited to the accepted standard including authors, title of site or owners, date accessed?


Note all actual quotations from the literature or web resources should be placed in quotation marks and cited. Similarly all work, comments, conclusions etc drawn from the literature must be cited. Failure to comply with these requirements could result in a charge of plagiarism being levelled at the work.

* use reference when you write you put number like [1],[2] and at the end you indicate what is number 1,2 etc i dont know what is the name of this but please dont forget number of pages etc