Characteristics of the nation-state and transnational entities

Original Instructions:
Write an essay (suggested length of 5a 7 pages) in which you explain the characteristics of the nation-state and transnational entities. You will do the following:
1. Describe the characteristics of the modern nation-state.
a. Describe one example (other than the United States) for each of the following categories:
a? Nation
a? State
a? Nation-state
2. Explain how the United States fits the criteria of and functions as a modern nation-state.
a. Discuss one example for each attribute of how the United States government and American society work to foster these attributes:
a? Fixed territory
a? Sovereignty
a? Common culture
b. Describe two examples of foreign policy objectives for the United States.
3. Discuss the European Union as a transnational entity by doing the following:
a. Outline the major historical events and interests during the twentieth century that led to the creation of the European Union.
b. Identify the major institutions and significant nations that make up the European Union.
c. Explain the contemporary function of the European Union.
d. Describe two examples of foreign policy objectives for the European Union.
4. Using the United States and the European Union as examples, do the following:
a. Analyze how nation-states and transnational entities engage in foreign policy to achieve their interests.
b. Analyze the consequences of this interaction for international politics.

B. Include all in-text citations and references in APA format.

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