Characterizing the trade between the US and another country

This is the requirements by the professor :
paper could have the following sections:

(1) Introduction: Description of the objective of your paper and your main findings.
(2) Description of the most important traded products and the evolution of trade between these two economies. You can include two subsections: (2.1) Recent evolution (last 50 years), and (2.2) Current situation.
(3) Connect your previous findings with the theory seen in class. What theories are more appropriate to understand the patterns of trade between these economies?
(4) Conclusion: Summarize your main findings.
(5) References

I would like to see the evolution of the paper at mid Nov.. You can give me a final draft at November and the final version should be ready for the day of our final exam. Remember, this is your paper and we should learn something.

As a result, send me 2 copies that one is half down and another one is the final paper.
Thank you