Charts show wide economic gulf between races (memo format)

please read the article and write a memo follow the instructions on how to write a memo and follow the instructions below.
Please follow instructions. Its an ABC News?Pew Center compilation of data that show the economic disparity between whites and black in this country. You must write a memo of no more than two pages in which you report on the findings included on these charts. Feel free to follow the link to find more information.
You must develop your topic into a coherent message; that is, you should not be writing to someone just to report these facts. The memo should relate the information in a coherent manner, so as to convey a story. (You might ask yourself a question that provides an approach to the memo. DO NOT WRITE THE QUESTION INTO THE MEMO.) Your memo should not include the tables. the link is below to the article to use to write the memo if you having trouble let me know
Heres the link: print?id20035682