Check assignment criteria where you will find a choice of 5 questions which you can choose any one of them.

1. for what purposes does homer employ similes in the Iliad? illustrate your answer with example from the text.
2.Aristotle argued that Homer excelled in his understanding of plot as he concentrated on a single and unified action as opposed to a mere sequence of events (Poetics 1451a). to what extent do you agree with regard to the illiad?
3.Does a good hero feel pity? discuss the place of pity within heroic values as presented in the iliad.
4. To what extent can the gods of the illiad be understood as literary constructs?
5.Is it a help or a hindrance to the illiads human charcters to know the will of the gods?

you may use either of:
-the illiad of homer. richmond lattimore. (london 1951)
-homer illiad. martin hammond (penguin 1987)

my lecturer likes quite a few primary and secondary sources to be used. thank you and good luck with it! i have a few more on similar topics (aeneid and odyssey) which i will send to you if im impresssed whcih im sure i will be!