Chemical prooerties,complex formation and uses of transition elements (su to cu only)

introductiondistinguish clearly betwen main group metals and transition metals.

question 1describe the general physical prperties of transition metals(Sc toCu ) and select any one metal to descrbe its specifc properties.
question2-explain how the auf banprinciple is used to produce the electronc structure of the elemnts Sc to Cu .
question3describe in both words and diagrm d orbitals and use d-orbitals to explain why tansition metals form complexes with ligands. what ae ligands? account for the blue colord solution of copper sulphate solution.
question4explain the factors which influence whether complexes have octahedral or ttrahedral complexes shapes.draw these two shapes of comlexes.
question5explin what catalysis is, and account for why tranition metals a often useful catalsts.
what are the difference between hetrogeneous and homogeneous catalysts.

conclusionhow might your future might be change by transition metals.

IMPORTANT the esay should be an extended piece of writing in which you include subtitles for each should be writen in my own words not simply the questions copied out