Child care from a licensed center is better than babysitter

General Instructions
Write a persuasive essay of 900 1,500 words to convince your
reader to agree with your position (for or against)on topic
child care from a licensed center is better than babysitter.
Use appropriate persuasive methods that include specific experiences
and your own thinking, creating a convincing argument that refutes the
opposing side and carefully develops clear, logical support for your side.
The essay stays focused on the single issue, its tone relatively informal,
authentic, and realistic. Each argument is essential to convince the reader
and contains specific evidence with analysis (no generalizations).

The last paragraph maintains the persuasive mode as it reinforces the key arguments and convinces
the reader that the essay s claim is the correct position. It doesn t stray into another argument or
new line of thinking.
Coherence and overall development
Your essay is unified, cohesive, and coherent. It maintains a single, organized argument without clutter.
You use appropriate transitions and/or connective discussion to guide the reader and to maintain clear
focus. Each sentence and paragraph flows coherently to the next. Each paragraph contains a controlling
idea that develops the claim in persuasive fashion and each sentence works to develop fully that
paragraph s controlling idea.
Grammar and mechanics
You correctly use a variety of sentence types (compound and complex, short and long) that indicate
you know when certain types of sentences work best to convey your message. The essay contains no
run-on sentences, no comma splices, and no fragments. Your essay is free of grammar and usage,
spelling, and punctuation errors.
Length and format
Your essay is double-spaced in Times New Roman, size 12. The first line of each paragraph is indented
by one tab. The length is 900 1,500 words. Required header information is given on each page.