Child trafficking in islamic and international law: case study of saudi arabia

iam an international student study my phd in UK. my background is Human right law. the chapter must include an introduction, aim and questions of the dissertation, methodology and then clear outline of eah chapter. the complete dissertation will around (80.000 to 100.000) words. prefer each chapter will be between (10.000-15.000)words.
it need to intrduce islamic law compaitibality with international law in realation to trafficking. plz note that the refrence style will be footnote.
this 5.000 words will be like report about the dissertation in details.
(up to 5,000 words in length) should include the following:-

a? Literature review summary and/or update
a? Background and rationale for proposed research
a? Research methods to be used
a? Acquisition of skills and techniques
a? Report on preliminary studies
Research plan for the next year