Chinese movie Street angle Zhou Xuan

Basic info:
a? In this short paper, you will develop a focused argument based on an analysis of 1 of the 2
assigned clips. You choose which clip to analyze.
o The clips will be available on the Blackboard Site in a?Assignments,a? see folder
marked a?Short Papera? in that section.
o You also need to include at least 1 quotation or reference to the week 1 reading by
Yeh, Emilie Yueh-yu. 2012. a?China.a? The International Film Musical. Eds. Corey K.
Creekmur, and Linda Y. Mokdad. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. 171-188.
(See Course Docs, week 1). Since this paper is meant to showcase your ideas, it is
not necessary or recommended to include more than 1 or 2 references to this reading,
but we are requiring that you use and cite it for this paper.
a? Worth 20% of grade a¦ due at start of class on Thursday, 10/23/14
a? 2-3 pp, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt font, 1.25a? margins

IMPORTANT: clips 1 is