Chinese visual art (only visual art). the topic should be specific

Hi there,

This is a term paper for my college class iam taking called art of china (a history of the chinese art)

our Professor name is : Arthur Kao

the book we are using for the class called The Art of China by Michael Sullivan

The major subjects selected for this class is chinese painting the Neolithic painting (ca. 4000-2000 B.C) the rise of representational painting(5th c-3rd c. B.C) new styles in the buddhist age (5th-10th c. A.D) realism in the Song dynasty (age of naturalism), literati painting of Yuan and Ming dynasties (14th-17th c.) the decline of chinese painting in the Qing Dy (17th-20th C) and the new chinese painting in the twentieth century.

this is what he wants for the term paper:

It needs to be double apace, font 12 and 5 pages. addressing a particular topic from chinese visual art (only visual art). the topic should be specific and not too broad. so the topic such as asian art, chinese art, chinese painting, japanese art or buddhist sculpture are not acceptable, an acceptable paper should follow the academic format:

Title (as specific as possible, a subtitle could be used if it is necessary) like chose artist name or painter.

Introduction ( addressing the main issues to be discussed, the importance and significance of the topic. you may also include the approach of your research)

Main body of discussion (could have as many paragraphs as you want)

Conclusion ( reflecting the issues mentioned in the introduction)

Notes ( could be page or end notes, but try to avoid brief notes within the text)

Bibliography ( may include website, but need at least 3 books)

illustrations ( all papers need illustrations, which could be color or black-and-white. each illustration has to be carefully labeled.)

consideration: paper format, contents, grammar, spelling, and effectiveness.

its due on 11/23/05

thank you