Chipotle market research for entering saudi market

Please prepare a detailed market entry strategy proposal. There should be an emphasis on looking at the competitive market space and how the new brand will be unique and have its own identity.
Importantly, you must carefully craft the essence and personality of this new brand i?? and how it would best suit the launch strategy and phases. You must also make full use of sources, relevant frameworks and reference in text using the Harvard Referencing System. References must be used critically in support of analysis, and linked to your arguments. A full bibliography must be included at the end.
Theories which can be considered are:
Porters 5 forces
The McKinsey 7S framework
Market attractiveness study
Porters Value Chain
Porteri??s generic competitive strategies
GE-McKinsey directional policy matrix
Ansoff product matrix
Product lifecycle / Diffusion of innovation
Boston matrix
SWOT analysis
Internationalization Process Models
Choice of Entry Mode & factors affecting your decision Customer profiling for the target group who:
Buy your product in the home
You believe will buy your product in the new country Marketing mix: 7 Pi??s
Marketing Communications: Push, pull, profile strategy
Branding: your consideration of the brand essence and iti??s translation to the audience

i will send a file as to how the paper needs to be structured.