Choice of topics listed below) and its implications for WORLD REGIONAL GEOGRAPHY

4-5 typed pages.

This is a research paper and I expect that you will use material from the textbook and outside sources to support yourself. You need to cite your sources throughout the essay. Please note that you will not receive a passing grade if you do not use outside research sources or cite them properly.

Question: Now that you are close to finishing this course, let us return to where we began: the world regional geography concept. Your textbook authors (Drs. Marston, Knox, Liverman, Del Casino, and Robbins) discuss this in the preface to the volume, noting that a?one of the central challenges of writing a world regional geography text appropriate for the modern world involves Balancing the emphasis between the study of dynamic global processes and regionally-specific generalizationsa? (xiii) As you have worked through this class you have been exposed to numerous topics that speak to this challenge, including:

Environmental sustainability
Economic development
Climate change

For your assignment, pick one of the course topics above and discuss its implications for world regional geography. What are its specific relationships with local and global processes? Does it affirm the value of studying world regions, or does it suggest that a different approach is warranted? Because this is a research paper, be sure to use evidence and examples from the textbook and outside sources to support yourself.

*please note the writer can choose which topic theyd like to work on, Id recommend the one that has the most reliable sources that can be cited.

**also note, the textbook (which needs to be cited) is: 978-0-321-65185-3 (World Regions in Global Context (People, PLceas, and Environments) 4th Edition