Choose a contemporary issue in which you see gender and/or sexuality and communication playing an important role.

Overview: For your final research paper, you will choose a contemporary issue in which you see gender and/or sexuality and communication playing an important role. The issue you choose should be something that has happened recently and is still relevant today (if you want to write about an older issue, please see me). I encourage you to use your own or your classmatesa Contemporary Issue Presentations to help you brainstorm ideas. While your paper will focus specifically on the gendered elements of the issue, the issue itself need not be explicitly a?abouta? gender. For example, you might write a paper that argues that Obama performs a particular version of masculinity that deemphasizes his race in order to appeal to more conservative citizens. Or you might examine the recent attention to sexual assault on college campuses. Or you might consider the implications of the way a particular brand or product is marketed on the basis of gender, sexuality, race, etc. Your issue may be drawn from a variety of contexts, including, for instance, religion, politics, sexuality, healthcare, the military, family life, education, sports, the workplace, media, science, etc. While you are welcome to incorporate media discourses and representations into your paper, the paper should not be only a reading of a particular piece of popular media (e.g., a critique of the gender roles and representations of sexuality in a?Gleea? wonat do the job).
Organization and Details: Your paper should be approximately 8 pages long, and should include an introduction, a thesis statement (in the introduction), a well-organized body that supports the thesis statement, and a conclusion. You are required to do independent research for this paper; while you are welcome to cite the assigned class readings, at least five of your citations must come from scholarly essays or books not assigned for this class. All sources should be properly cited both in the text of your paper and in a bibliography at the end. You may use whatever style of citation you prefer (MLA and Chicago are common in the field of communication), as long as you use it consistently and correctly. Your paper should conform to the basic guidelines for assignments described in your course syllabus. I encourage you to see me at any time to discuss your topic, to get suggestions for additional reading, or with any other questions. The paper is worth 25% of your grade.

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Here IVe attached the proposal that I wrote for the assignment.
You will write a 1-2 paragraph proposal that describes your topic and how you plan to address it. What kinds of questions do you plan to ask, or what kind of argument do you plan to make? How will you support your position?

I would like to discuss if the prison policies should be changed for women. As my research going on, I find out that in most jurisdictions, women are offered fewer programs than men, and the services provide little recognition of the traumatic paths that led them into the criminal justice system. Feminists fight for gender equality, but what if women need more gender-specific programs for their special needs?
Things Ii??m going to address:
1. Motherhood behind the bars 2. Rape issue with correction officer.
Kinds of question Ii??m going to ask is what rules that seem like a i??beneficial bonusi?? for a female inmate, but actually should be the basic need for her?
The argument Ii??m going to make is that women need gender-specific support due to the nature of women body. Ii??m planning to support my thesis by discovering the inhumane part of the law, compare how other countries do or analyze how I think iti??s the basic need for women and to make my statement.

I would like to stick to my topic, so please write from this point. Thank you!