Choose a quote from a journal article and use it to put forth your own argument.

Some of the ways that you can situate your own thoughts in relationship to anotheras:

o Use their ideas to validate your own position (quote simply supports your argument)
o Use their ideas as a a?straw mana? argument and systematically show that their argument is wrong, thereby proving your own position
o Agree with what they say, but expand or shift their logic by bringing in another perspective (Yes, buta¦)
o Displace an idea from itas original context and apply it to a new one (Using an economic concept to explain a relationship, say)
o Challenge the definition of a key term in the authoras argument

These are only suggestions, and is not a complete list of the options.

The paper topic should draw from the various perspectives on challenging images as presented in chapter 7. This means that in some way you should be writing about the relationship between hegemony and subalterity because by its definition, the subaltern challenges hegemony. Of course, it is also possible for hegemony to challenge subalterity. The idea here is to think through the power dynamics of culture and cultural artifacts and explain those, using another authoras perspective to help you go beyond simple description and push into cultural analysis.

Final draft should be double spaced, 12 pt. font with 1a? margins all around. Papers should be 3 pages long and follow MLA formatting guidelines for quotes and bibliography.