Choose a topic yourself for my reseach proposal in finance.i have to give it for my dessertation in finance

i am doing mba in finance .i have to submit a research proposal in finace subject .
u choose the topic by urself and make research propoal on it . i have attached the instruction
file about the research proposal plz follow the instruction by following the inntruction file
once my proposal will aprrove than i will order for dessertation

plz choose a gud topic of finance for my proposal .i want to get higher marks in them
chooe the topic so i can find the data easily for making the dessertation .if u need any
information let me know plz thanks

the proposal must be typed should not exceed 1000 words and should include the following

1) Title page

2) Aims and objectives of the proposal

3)primary focus of the proposal includes background to the decision ,
issue or controversy under investigation and a brief review of relevant academic
literature (at least,20 citations)

4)Further detail of the research proposal to be undertaken including
a)An introduction to the organisation
b)choice of an appropriate philosophical assumption
c)anticipated benefits of the research proposal

5)A careful description of the proposed research procedure and strategies ,stating
a)exactly what must be done
b)justification for research strategy or strategies chosen
c)how it will be done (desk research,company interviews ,field research,documentatin analysis
d)what data or information will be needed
e)how the data will be analysed
f)any other resources that will be needed

6)A preliminary refrences
these refrences should list key books,journals articles,reports and other
literature which have been ,and will be consulted .Additionally,anticipated interviews
and company visits should be listed

7)A time frame for completion of each section of the study