Choose an area of ideology and relate it to social work practice and values. (The ideology that I have chosen is disability)

Assignment title choose an ideology and relate to social work practice and values.

This is a BA Social Work Degree course, so the idea is to link an ideology to social work. The ideology which I would like you to write about is Disability. Please be very clear that disabilty is the choice I have nade and that is what I would like you to write on. Please note taht you do not have an option as to which ideology you want. You are writting about Disability. Disability is an ideology and there are 2 models of disability, the medical model and social model.

Below is the guidelines for this piece of essay, please follow the guidelines as I have described in this assignments criteria. I must mention that very too often writers that I have used in the past tend to write essays to suit how they want it, I would like you to please follow the guidelines as I am advising you to. PlEASE follow these guidelines you will not go wrong.


First of all define what is an ideology, so first define what an ideology is so you could say& according to Definitions of IDEOLOGY on the Web an ideology is the unifying system of beliefs, attitudes, and values expressed in the superstructure of a culture. The body of thought and ideas that guides a society and perpetuates the status quo of the bourgeoisie. Once you define what ideology is. Then you go on to say that disability is an ideology because it is what society has made people to believe. A disability is only seen as disability because society sees someone in a wheel chair as disabled. In this essay I will be looking at disability and I will relate it to social work practice and values. when you first mention disability in the essay you need to define what it means for e.g & according to & disability refers to. . You need to describe what the medical model of disability is and what the social model of disability is, You will then need to write briefly about the Historical development of disability as an. You need to ensure that you mention some of the people who devised the models. The social and medical models were formulated by disabled scholars and activists such as (Mike Olive, Paul Abberley, Vic Finkelstein and Paul Hunt) so when you are talking about the history of disability you need to ensure that you mention some of the names. You need to be very critical in this essay. You need to compare and contrast the two models of disability.


In this section of the essay you need to make at least 2 or 3 examples of specific social problems in relation to disability. Make clear clinks between the chosen ideology (disability) and social problems. Social problems are things like Poverty, unemployment etc. These are seen as social problems in our society, so you need to link disability with unemployment and poverty. You need to make it clear which social problems you will be looking at in relation to disability. for example you could mention that, Disabled people are often found to be in poverty for three main reasons: By being disabled often the person is not able to work, hence naturally the disabled person will be financially worse off an able bodies person, having to live solely on benefits; Often disabled people also have a higher cost of living due to their condition, equipment such as stair lift can be costly. Through being in the house for long periods of time naturally their utility bills will be higher; lastly disabled people often suffer social exclusion from the job market making it almost impossible to find jobs that are suited to needs. Here is just the sort of things you could mention in this part of the essay, however you must elaborate on these issues. The above I just mentioned is all relating to poverty, however because poverty is quite broad you will have a lot to talk about in relation to disability. Remember you must choose 2 or three social problems, so poverty must be one of them, then you could also talk about unemployment in relation to those with disability. (unemployment and poverty all link together anyway). When you are talking about poverty for the first time you must ensure you define it, so for example according to & ..poverty is defined as.&

The role of the Social worker in general
Specific examples of policy/practice
below is an example of how you may wish to start this part of the essay. This is just a guideline.

I will now go on to discuss the implications of the ideology of disability for social work practice. You need to look at the role of social work and the key values in social work for example social worker is about being anti oppressive and individualisation etc that is treating the client as an individual etc, you need to first look at what social work is about.

So once you have defined and looked at what social work does and the role of social workers etc then you can begin to look at how your chosen ideology can influence social work practice. For example if a social worker practices by following the medical model of disability he/she will not be treating those with disability in an anti oppressive way, because the medical model places the disabling factors on the individual, who has a need, and fails to account for the disabling factors in society. You may feel your chosen ideology is incompatible with social work values, but you have to be able to justify what ever you say, Do you think social work practice following the medical model for example will be oppressive towards people with disability? Well I certainly think so. Because social work is about empowering service users to empower themselves so by following the medical model solely surely one would not give the best to service users. The medical model is oppressive, and social work must challenge that. You need to be critical in the essay. I think that social work needs to challenge the medical model as it is oppressive. The social model focuses on the limitations of society, so it is much more compatible with social work, it doesn t place the fault on the disabled person, it looks at social factors. In this essay you must be critical throughout and look at both the medical and social models of disability. As social workers we need to challenge the medical model as it puts the blame on the individual rather than society. You need to be very critical in this essay. Do not just explain what is already known but critique, be critical.

At some point in the essay you need to take a stand as to where you see yourself in terms of Disability and the models of disability. Would you follow this ideology?
Have you unconsciously accepted parts of this ideology?
Is this ideology oppressive, As a student social worker I need to ensure that when dealing with members who are disabled I have to be aware of the consequences etc. (this section links with implications for social work section).

PLease ensure that this essay is written coherently and easy to understand.

Thank you
Books on disability as well as boooks on social work practice and social work values.

Please note that for the bibliography or sources it should be between 9-14 books. No more than 14 books or sources of information