Choose any prodect and put it as a topic of the paper

Each student will prepare a 1-2 page summary of a cloud-based application being used by HR professionals for the administration of an HR function. This can be an enterprise Human Resource Information System (HRIS) used by large corporations that has multiple modules covering several functions, or it can be a focused system that supports a single HR function. The paper should include the following:
i?? The name of the product and a brief statement about the company that markets it
i?? A brief description of the types of companies (by size, industry, etc.) that are using the product now.
i?? A summary of the producti??s functionality and its claims.
i?? A list of competing products an HR department might investigate before choosing this one.
The paper should be in the format of a memo and should begin as follows:
Student Name
MGT 313-1
March 3, 2014
Ref: BambooHR
BambooHR is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utahi??.
The following are examples of platforms you might select:
Enterprise Systems for Large Companies
i?? Oracle Peoplesoft
i?? SAP HR
i?? ADP Large Business Solutions
Payroll-Plus Systems for Mid-Sized Companies
i?? ADP Solutions for Mid-Sized Businesses
i?? Paychex
i?? Ultimate Software
i?? PrimePay
i?? Paylocity
i?? Sage HRMS
HRIS Systems for Small Companies
i?? BambooHR
i?? HRM Direct
i?? Ascentis
i?? TribeHR
Recruiting Systems
i?? ApplicantPro
i?? Zip Recruiter
i?? The Applicant Manager
i?? Bullhorn
i?? Taleo
i?? iCIMS
Talent/Performance Management
i?? Halogen
i?? Silkroad
i?? Vibe
i?? Epicor
i?? Small Improvements
Use easy words please and basic words to me
Use easy words please and basic words to me
Use easy words please and basic words to me
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Qassim Al-Maskari

MGT 313-1

March 3, 2014

Ref: HRMDirect

HRMDirect is headquartered in Boston City

HRMDirect brief Statement:

 Since 2004, our ground-breaking Applicant Tracking System has helped thousands of HR Professionals and Recruiters attract and hire over 30 million applicants. According to HRM direct website

shows how it reaches to costumers from globalization & social perspective

 A truly paperless on boarding system that saves time and delights new employees. According to HRM direct website

From reporting to smart forms and digital signatures, it s all in the cloud and ready to adapt to your workflow; it shows the integration software with business in technology view based

 products designed to manage goals, performance reviews while collecting continuous performance data. According to HRM direct website

Building an own process and get the vision live to integrate, reward & develop teams without obstruction; engaging the employees with incentives to use the product

 Help every employee define and accomplish S.M.A.R.T. goals that are aligned with the company strategy. According to HRM direct website

engage the employees with the broad ideas & provide HR a strategic context and view progress live. goals connected with process from requisition to review.; it shows that the company cares about the value of the employee so they care about them by training them.

 Effortlessly move your talent from applicant to new hire to top performer and then review everything in our Performance module. According to HRM Direct website

repositioning the employees & promoting them with performance based; training is not enough for quality based companies. they will develop their employees to be talented quality based employers.

The companies using HRMDirect products are:
1 FairField property Management:
Industry: Real Estate
Size: 51-200 employees
2Weaver consultant group
Industry: Environmental Services
Size: 201-500 employees
3Witt Mares:
Industry: Accounting
Size: +2000 employees

HRMDirect Products:
1continues innovation
ClearCompany built an explanation based on the idea that excess time is wasted in a classic ATS, clicking and searching for information an employee needs on a daily basis. All products share our opinionated focus on high quality user experience and determining the cost discipline.
Intelligent product design
Integrated client feedbacks
continuos upgrades
2seamless integration
Main fundamental conception to the employees is that is that data belongs to them, and they should be able to access it and integrate it with any IT systems.
API support
Data import/export
HRIS integration
Single sign-on
3SAAS cloud infrastructure
pulling old data into system and integrate them smoothly with any of the systems. All information is kept confidential.
Multi-tenancy design
Third-part integration
security & compliance

competing products:
1Silk Road; OpenHire is a cloud-based recruitment service it coats applicant tracking, screening and a careers portal for a corporate website. OpenHire is part of SilkRoad LifeSuite which is the talent management.
2HireVue; creative new way to interview needed; email a link to questions and enable candidates to record feedbacks via webcam at any place & time.
3Jobvite: provide social sourcing software a way to discover potential hires and take them through employee recruitment process. Their solution includes Referral, which uses social networks, Engage, a way to maintain your talent pool, and Hire, an applicant tracing system.