Choose brand from your own what you think it will be good to the requirment

its (marketing plan )

Assessment Criteria Mark
Questions have not been answered satisfactorily. There is no reference to marketing theory, no intext references and no final reference list. 1
The questions have been answered in a satisfactory manner using minimal marketing theory. Little effort to reference correctly in APA style. 1.5
The questions have been answered adequately. The answers have been supported by marketing theory and at least 1 academic reference. Referencing attempted in APA style. 2
All aspects of the questions have been answered adequately. The answers are very well supported by applicable marketing theory, and at least 2 academic references. Correctly referenced in APA style. 2.5
All questions have been answered to a high standard, and supported by marketing theory. There is a minimum of 2 academic references. Correctly referenced in APA style. 2.7 3
High Distinction


also ... this is the case and the questions:

A key to long-term business success lies in a company s ability to offer value to customers through its product offerings. The task of communicating that value proposition rests largely with the company s marketers. A marketing plan must not only clarify the sources of value, but also specify how the value message gets out. Students are required to use the product/service that they have chosen for the group marketing plan and answer the following questions:

1. Identify the specific source(s) of value. That is, what leads you to conclude that the product or service offers value?

2. How is that value communicated?

3. What other sources of value might be developed for the product or service you identified? How might these new value-adding properties be communicated to customers?