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Book Review Assignment
Book Review Instructions:
Remember to make your own copy before turning in original, since the original will be retained by instructor. You will be sending this to me using the assignment link below. Refer to the course information section for a tutorial on how to use the assignment tool.
Approved Book, Authors Source and Professional Review (5 points out of 100)
You must choose a History book (no autobiographies nor edited works) at least 200 pages long, related to the time period in U.S. history covered in this course and get it approved by the instructor. You must also locate the authors information (in Contemporary Authors) and a professional review (an article about the book in a magazine such as Library Journal.)
Book Review Information Site
This link below contains information on how to locate your book review. This document will give you detailed instructions on how to locate a professional review for your book as well as information on your author in Contemporary Authors.
Review Format (25 points out of 100)
1. Cover Page:
Center the underlined title of the book reviewed, the authors name, Reviewed by: Your Name, the class (History 1302), and the due date.
2. Minimum Length:
a? Four (4) complete pages of typed text
a? Double-spaced
a? Use spell-check to correct spelling errors
3. Margins and Font:
a? One (1) inch margins
a? Left justify the margin
a? Font size is 10-12 point
a? Number pages consecutively excluding the cover page
a? Header should be in the upper right hand corner with your last name before page number
4. References:
Minimum of three needed for your book review paper: the biographical information on the author, the book being reviewed, one professional review of the book.
5. Works Cited Page:
a? Found on the last page of the paper
a? Alphabetized sources
a? Use the MLA Handbook for this page
Note: These examples are for illustrative purposes and should not be used as actual sources for your paper.
Example Book Citation:
Oates, Stephen B., The Fires of Jubilee: Nat Turneras Fierce Rebellion. New York: McMillan Company, 1966. Print.
Example Review Article Citation: Cite and alphabetize by reviewers name or alternatively the title of his review if available.
Burns, Ann, and R. Kent Rasmussen Isaacs Storm.Library Journal 125.8 (2000): 171. Academic Search Complete. EBSCO. Web. 6 Oct. 2013.
Example Contemporary Authors Citation:
Bevington, David, ed. a?Stephen B. Oates.a? Contemporary Authors: New Revision Series. Vol. 12. Detroit: Gale Literary Press, 1992.
Example Contemporary Authors Online Citation:
a?Stephen B. Oates.a? Contemporary Authors Online. Detroit: Gale Press (2002): 1-4. or persuade you?
o Purpose Did he develop his thesis? Give an example. Did he get you to see his subject as he did? Give an example. did the author achieve his purpose?
o Style What audience did the author write for? Was the book interesting or hard to follow? Use a quote to illustrate.
o Objectivity Was the author balanced or biased in their approach to the subject? Give an example.
o Sources Primary vs. Secondary? Be specific, what types, give names of sources used by the author. How well did the author document the book? How detailed was the information? Too much, not enough? Did the sources add or detract from the book? Give examples.
o Special Features Pictures, chapter titles, maps and general organization How did they add/subtract to the book?
o Professional Review
o Minimum of 1 review. Use Book Review Digest or the EBSCO online database to locate at least 1 review of your book and cite the specific review using quotes or paraphrasing of the reviewers evaluation of your book. DO NOT CITE BOOK REVIEW DIGEST SINCE IT IS NOT A PROFESSIONAL REVIEW.
o Indicate your agreement/disagreement with each professional critic. Why?
20. Personal Subjective Judgment (1/2 page, 10 points)
o Overall Reaction Did it aid your understanding/appreciation of the topic with which it dealt? If so, how? Did the book influence you in some way? Examples.
o Recommendation Would your recommend this book for future classes or to a friend or enemy? Why?
Works Cited Page Last page with alphabetized sources.

Book Review Assignment Support Materials
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Examples of Appropriate Books
Here are examples of some appropriate books which the San Jacinto College library system has both the authors information on as well as a professional review of the book:

Book Review Information Site
This link will help you locate the information necessary for your Book Review. Paste this link directly into your web browswer and it should work -hist1302-nels