Choose one (business) organisation to focus on for this coursework. undertake personal research about this organisation

You are required to choose one (business) organisation to focus on for this
coursework. You will undertake personal research about this organisation and draw
on the knowledge transferred during the lecture series and contact with the tutors.
You are required to submit an individual report addressed to the unit coordinator that
includes the following points. (Please note: these points themselves do not constitute
the structure of your report. You are assessed on your ability to design a sensible
structure for this formal report):
1. An executive summary (typically on a single, stand-alone page preceding the
main body of the report);
2. A succinct description of your chosen organisation;
3. A more detailed explanation of what your chosen organisation does, and how
these operational activities connect (or not connect) with the theoretical
concepts covered in the lecture series (see the accompanying Unit Guide for
the syllabus and learning objectives);
4. A critical examination of issues and challenges confronted by your chosen
organisation, and;
5. The role engineers play in meeting the operational requirements of your
chosen organisation.
The submission is in the form of an individual report addressing points 1 to 5 above.
The report should be written in formal English and all sources of references cited in
the text (including references made to websites) should be appropriately
acknowledged (preferably using the Harvard style of referencing). The submission
will be put through Turnitin to check for plagiarism. The minimum margin in all
directions is 2.5cm and you must use Arial font size 12. Sections and sub-sections of
the report should be clearly identified using a numerical system. The main body of
the report including your list of references should not be longer than 6 pages (A4
paper). Anything beyond this will be ignored in the assessment process. You should
also use single-line spacing. In addition to this main body, it is typical that you include
a contents page, a list of illustrations, an executive summary on a single, stand-alone
page, and appendices where appropriate. It is also uncommon for appendices to be
lengthier than the main body of the report.