Choose one disease found in plants/ animals caused by Fungi, bacteria, virus, and protoctista

Section 1: Use labeled diagrams, and/ or statistics to reinforce all your paragraph topics.
-An introduction to the disease, that includes:
-Name of pathogen
-Description of the disease caused by your chosen disease caused your chosen pathogen.
-The impacts and effects that this disease has, or has on humans in the past, or present.
Section 2: This section should be a major focal point for your research and explanation of the use of science to solve the problems and issue concerning your chosen disease.
you should also outline the explain the ways in which science is applied and used to address a specific problem, or issue, by:
Technological advancements.
advancements in medicines.
Social advancements in prevention.
Section 3: This section should be a major focal point for an informed discussion and evaluation about implications of using science to help solve the problems and issues concerning your chosen disease.
Questions to help frame your discussion:
How has the use of science in this situation effected humans?
Why would using science have knock-on effect on social, economic and/or environmental issues?