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Ethics Project
1. Watch all four episodes of the PBS Frontline Documentary a?Money, Power, & Wall Streeta?.
2. You may choose a person or a topic to analyze/assess/evaluate regarding ethical issues.
A. People
Terri Duhon, JPMorgan
Richard Kovacevich, Chairman and CEO of Wells Fargo & Company
Austan Goolsbee, Chair Council of Economic Advisers
Sheila Bair, Chair, FDIC
George W. Bush
Henry Paulson, Secretary of Treasury
Tim Geithner as President of the NY Federal Reserve Bank
Tim Geithner as Secretary of Treasury
Bill Winters, Co-CEO, JPMorgan Investment Bank
Blythe Masters, JP Morgan
Brooksly Born
Alan Greenspan
Ben Bernanke
Other (any of the heads of the big banks or other active participants)
B. Topics
Who wrote it?
Who benefited?
Regulation and Deregulation of BanksDodd-Frank
Glass Steagall
Regulation (or lack of regulation) of Derivatives
Perspective of Investment Bank
Perspective of SEC
Regulation (or lack of regulation) of Credit Default Swaps
Perspective of Investment Bank
Perspective of SEC
Too Big to Fail
Bailing out the Banks
Nationalizing the Banks
a?Secreta? Activities of the Federal Reserve
The Securities and Exchange Commission
Is their ineffectiveness due to a?regulatory capturea?, incompetence, or a lack of
3. Deliverable: Address the following:
If You Select a Person If You Select a Topic
A. Overview of Banking/Financial Crisis A. Overview of Banking/Financial Crisis
B. Name & Short Bio B. Topic: Background and Overview
C. Ethics of Specific Positions or Actions C. Ethics Associated with the Topic
D. How Would you have acted if you were that
D. What would you do about the issue
E. Conclusion E. Conclusion