Choose one of the 19th century historical figures of the American Civil War”

requiremetns : write a 5-7 page paper . the paper should be typed and double-spaced. your paper should have 12point font, times roman, and 1-inch margins on all sides. this paper shoud answer the following question :

Question : the american civil war (1861-1865) was the costliest war in US history. when the was had ended, more than 600,000 Americans had lost their lives. the conflict arose after decades of sectionalism between North and South

listed at the end of the instructions are the number of historical figures that contributed to 19th century american history. choose One of the listed figures and examine his/her contributions to the sectionalism that dominated the american landscape leadign to the Civil war. what were his/her specific accomplshments that either directly or indirectly contributedd to the sectionalism ? be very specific with each accomplishment . Were these accomplishments intended by the figure to alleviate the crisis,exacerbate the crisis or neither?

Citations : for this paper, i am requiring you to do a little research. you need at least THREE SOURCES FOR THIS PAPER . you are free to use either books or journal articles as sources ; however, no internet sources are allowed for this paper The bibliography does not COUNT TOWARDS THE 5-7 PAGE REQUIREMENT FOR THE PAPER. IF YOU ARE BORROWING A THOUGHT OR QUOTE FROM A SOURRCE IN THE BODY OF YOU PAPER , just use parenthetical citation ( Authors name , Title, page number ). the first parenthetical citation from the source Must include the full authors name and full title in addition to the page number. For subsequent citations from the same source, the parenthetical citation may only include the authors last name and an abbreviated title in addition to the page number .

FOR example : George Washington deployed the Fabian tactic during the Revolutionary War ( John Tyer, Battle Formations of the American Revolution, 367) .

Bibliographic citation format for the book with single author: Authors last name , authors first name . title . city of Publishing company , year of copyright.

Bibliographic citation format for an article in a journal :

authors last name , authors first ame . Journal article title Volume number ( publication year ) : page number range for the article .

Bibliographic citation format for an article in a journal or a book with more than one author:

authors last name , authors first name and author # 2 first name author #2 last name { proceed as normal for either a book or article citation } .

Format : include a title page at the beginning which should have your name a title for your paper , and your class and section number. you title pagges DOES NOT COUNT TO THE 5-7 PAGE requirement for your paper. as mentioned above , include a bibligraphy at the end of your 5-7 page paper . watch your spelling and grammar. DO NOT include CONTEACTIONS { i.e. dont , cant wasnt , etc ] DO NOT use first person { i.e i , me , us , we , myself , etc } . i do take off 1 point on the paper for each contraction or first person I see in a paper .

Examples : Here is a list of 19th century historical figures to choose from :

Henry Clay
Daniel Webster
Roger Taney
Abraham Lincoln
Stephen Douglas
Clement Vallandigham
John Calhoun
David Wilmot
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Edmund Ruffin
William Lloyd Garrison
John Mclean
Jefferson Davis
John Brown
Harriet Tubman

I will attach the original pdf file of the assignment soon . and Im not sure about the style of writing if Harvard is the right one .