Choose one of the litarature works and look below for more information

Once you have decided what you want to write about let me know so I can give you quotes from my classmates.

Please select one of the Longer,works weve looked at in the last few weeks. This could be one of the slave narratives, by Douglas or Equiano or Jacobs;perhaps Uncle Toms Cabin, if we have a big enough piece to work with; Franklins Autobiography; one of Fullers or Emersons essays; one of Hawthornes stories; one of Poes or Melvilles stories, or if you read fast, perhaps Billy Budd.

For this essay, please do two main things:

1. talk about the form of the piece of literature–is it a short story, an autobiography, a novel, or? How does it work? A first person voice, a narrator, fictional characters, an everyday or exotic setting, symbols, complex sentences, witty sayings, etc.

2. talk about what it means. Does it have a specific message? Does it create a deliberate effect? and so on.

One additional requirement: Please use at least one comment from a fellow students discussion postings directly in your essay. Document this one source informally, by mentioning the persons name and the thread right in the paper. (According to…)

A citation note–when you use a piece of lit from our text, and you are using the direct text, you need to cite it by that author, that title, in the Lauter/Heath text. Look for Selection from an anthologyin your grammar book for the exact form.

Essay 2 will ask each of you to write in detail about one longer, or more Composedtext (a story or autobiography, for example). The essay should be 3-4 Pageslong–that is, approximately 750-1000 words. Outside sources should be documented.