Choose one of the specifeic food u like, make an argument, and write about it

1 Choose any food that u like either favorite or convenience
2 the first paragraph should introduce the food, lead the reader to your food and then write the argument, which is thesis statement to express How you view the food and whether we should love or loathe this food, and whyat the last sentence of your paragraph
2 body paragraph should be write at least three views to support your thesis statement, evident only come s from the book The Key concept food by Warren Belasco
pageP55-p78,each paragraph should clear states the topic sentence at the beginning. and the argue that. also support your thesis statement

3 the last paragraph should reconnect your thesis statement . and summary the whole paragraph
4choose canned and frozen food and vegetables as food, and the thesis statement is something about although it is process food , but it still gives people essential nutrient, convenience and…..THANK YOU