Choose one of the subject that you feel you will write easily about

Your final will consist of a research paper. This paper should be a minimum of 2000 words, and a maximum of 3000 words, excluding title and references (Papers outsides these limits will be penalized). You must use APA style. Please site the edition of the APA manual you use. Edition 6 is available online at the index.aspx. You must reference and cite at least 4 scholarly sources for the information you include. Scholarly sources can include books, journal articles, and sometimes, personal interviews with experts. This paper should have a title that reflects the content of the paper, a list of references, a header on each page with the title, a footer with the page number, double-spaced 12 point Times New Roman font, as a Word document.

The topic of this paper should explain your ethical stand on environmental issues, in keeping with the focus of this course. Proposed topics that you are not sure meet the intent of the course must be approved by the instructor. If you are not sure,
Possible topics: Environmental policies in [country X], Ethical issues in packaging practices, Sustainability issues of using [material X] for packaging, Comparison of the environmental policies of two States, or two countries, Incineration as an energy source–pro and con, Local food–an answer to waste and pollution?, Recycling, Global warming, many other topics are possible.