Choose one of those movie on the list and title it.


Movies that may be used for extra credit in this course:
(1) Braveheart
(2) Office Space
(3) Crimson Tide
(5) Patton
(6) Remember the Titans
(7) Silence of the Lambs
(8) The Last of the Mohicans
(9) Mutiny on the Bounty
(10) Full Metal Jacket
(11) Platoon
(12) Men of Honor
(13) Thirteen Days in October
(14) Clear and Present Danger
(15) Erin Brockovich
(16) The Fugitive
(17) Under Siege
(18) Apollo 13
(19) The Ghost and the Darkness
(20) Master and Commander
(21) Pearl Harbor
(22) The Patriot
(23) Gods and Generals
(24) Gladiator
(25) Hoffa

Also, if you have a film that youd like to do that isnt listed, please discuss this with me and obtain permission (it needs to be a film that Ive seen or can see).

Basically, the analysis needs to do the following:

(1) Select a character portrayed in the movie.
(2) Present one or more of the leadership theories/models/frameworks from this course IN DETAIL (NOTE: More theories/models/frameworks improves grade).
(3) Using the materials from (2) above, explain why the character was an effective or ineffective leader.
(4) Finally, using the materials from (2) above, tell what things the character might have done differently or better to have improved his/her leadership effectiveness.
I will attach some documents about the modules from the class, pls use all of those. thanks.