Choose one of three topics from instructions below

General Instructions:
ChooseA oneA of the following paper topics and write aA paper of between 1500 to 2000 words (not including bibliography).A The essay should be double-spaced, 12-point font with 1 inch margins all around.A A Include a paper heading on the first page only which includes your name, section number, the paper topic that you are addressing and a title for the paper. While writing your papers, be sure to support your argument with evidence from the class sources. While you may draw on your personal experiences for some of the questions, you must ground your analysis in anthropological persor part of your support (except where explicitly asked in the question, in which case it should be balanced with material from lecture and readings), while demonstrating your knowledge of lecture and especially the course readings will be crucial to getting a good grade. Include a bibliography in AAA format

We have learned that a holistic perspective reveals recurring patterns in different domains.A  In At Home in the World, Jackson examines the ways in which the Warlpiri notion of home (which incorporates notions of personhood, place, kinship and the body) has been challenged in their encounters with the colonial government.A  Through Jacksons book explore the significance of home.A  In your essay, you may consider the following: A What does it mean to be at home in a globalizing world?A  What effect does the colonial encounter, as well as the movement of ideas, things and bodies, have on Warlpiri lifeworlds?A  How does the Warlpiri notion of Homepush Jackson to think differently about his own ideas about home?

Through a detailed reading of Jacksonas At Home in the World, provide an original analysis of the interrelationships among gender, sexuality and social hierarchies. Draw on course material and concepts to support your argument. Consider some of the following questions in your essay: A How are social hierarchies based on gender reproduced or challenged? A How might gender roles be transformed as a result of broader social and political changes? What happens when gender roles are violated? A 

We have studied religion as a cultural system as a particularly visible form of cultural practice. Through a critical analysis of Jacksonas At Home in the World, write an essay that considers how religious practices engage with other cultural elements such as personhood, symbolism, kinship, gender, social change, place, body, etc. A Consider some of the following questions in your essay: A What would some of the opportunities and difficulties anthropologists have in taking religion to be the focus of their study? What are some of the definitional considerations one must account for when thinking about religion? How do these considerations compare and contrast with an anthropological understanding of culture?
Please make sure the bibliography should be in AAA style. Not mla as I entered in order.