Choose one of two topics on the instruction paper

use ways of the world book by strayer
Choose one of the two questions. Write an essay that responds to the following question. Your
essay should ONLY use materials from our class and must incorporate primary and secondary
sources in your response. Your essay should also be well-organized around an analytical
argument (in other words, do not merely summarize the sources). Your essay should be
approximately 1-2 pages double-spaced and uploaded to Isidore by Tuesday, April 29 by 11pm.
This is NOT a collaborative essay and I expect you to do your own work. (Please refer to the
academic honesty policy to review what constitutes plagiarism and cheating. You will fail your
exam if you are academically dishonest) No late essays will be accepted.
1. Compare and contrast the European colonial empires in the Americas with those established
during the 19th century in the Afro-Asian-Pacific world. Be sure to consider patterns, processes,
motivations and experiences.
2. To what extent did the processes of economic globalization, feminism, fundamentalism, and
environmentalism represent something new in the twentieth century? In what respects did they
have roots in the more distant past?