Choose, research and describe an existing company you would like to work for

Assignment Structure
1. Cover page
Your name, course name, title of your report.
2. Introduction & Background
Briefly describe the theoretical background and introduce the reader into the topic.
3. Description of the company (400 i?? 500 words)
It should include the following
? Fundamental facts about the company: industry, company size, location, country(ies) of
operation, their vision, mission, organisation chart etc.
? Company culture (using a company culture model covered during the workshop). Describe to
which extend is the company culture driven by the culture of the companyi??s home country
(using e.g. the Hofstede cultural dimensions)
? Prevalent management style (using a model covered during the workshop) and structure of
the team in which you would like to work (using the theories covered during the workshop).
4. A short motivation letter (300 i?? 400 words)
Motivation letter for the management of the company. Reasons why they should hire you (why you
are a good fit). This letter must be properly formatted as a letter.
5. References (using Harvard method)
All theories, methodologies, data, information etc. that are not your own primary research must be
referenced using the Harvard referencing style.