Choose the topic based on the description !

This paper is about Northern Gateway Pipeline Project (in CANADA)

*** For the one I did with my team
That simulation exercise you did with your team involved both team and individual deliverables. Students integrated critical reasoning and information literacy and apply the learning to improve communication by producing persuasive arguments and counter arguments.
A simulated hearing took place to tackle a current controversy where a decision is needed. For example, the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline Project (in CANADA) is portrayed as an important driver for economic growth, yet it faces strong opposition from the First Nations and environmental groups. The class will conduct the hearing with each team representing a different interest group. Teams are to research the topic, develop their positions on the issue and attempt to influence others during the hearing process.

***For this assignment
After the hearing is concluded, each student will write a paper, summarizing their learning through the simulation exercise. They are to reflect on their own position on the issue developed during the research phases and team process, and compare their experience during the hearing process. They will assess the strength of their arguments and reasoning, the information they find through research, and success (or failure) of the communication strategies employed by their team during the hearing process.
The MAXIMUM length of the paper is 900 words.

My previous paper I did with my team was about agreeing to build the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project (in CANADA) representing (Perspective of the federal government; justification for pipeline).

BUT in this individual paper my position is NOT to build the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project (in CANADA).
So I want you please to include this statement on your words
(((in the team paper, we agreed to build the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project BUT after the Hearing the Presentations in the class and the Simulation Exercise we had in the class, MY POSTION is against building it because ,,,,

(some reasons by doing research)
some issues for building it : environment issues and so on

Make it simple and understandable
thank you