Choose two books from list and summarize each book and then explain how they compare and or contrast

1.choose any two books from the list that is long that I will fax
2.Summarize each book and then explain how they compare and or contrast.Follow a scholarly format with an appropriate introduction, topical headings, summary and conclusion. The term paper is to be computer printed and double spaced. The source of all information must be fully cited in an appropriate style–endnotes or APA, etc. Covers should consist of only a printed sheet with the title, course, and students name. Failure to adhere to a scholarly format will result in a poor grade for the paper.
3.Attach a bibliography that includes the date and publisher of each of the two books you use as well as where you secured them (e.g. where purchased/which library borrowed)
4. Plagarism F for the course.
5.The professor stated the paper can be from 7-14 pages. I chose 8 full written pages not including works cited, bibliography and cover page. They are separate pages.
I am assuming it probably has to be APA format because the professor stated that the source of all information must be cited in appropriate styleendnotes or APA.
The professor did not state how many sources to use besides the two books
Even though there is no writer assigned yet, should I fax them right away to the number given with my order number? Please let me know as soon as possible.
It is a criminal justice course.
Thank you.