Choosing a topic of dissertation and preparing a dissertation proposal

I need some help in choosing the topic of dissertation.
I want to make a research concerning Chinas natural gas market, or important aspects of Chinas LNG market, or Chinas shale gas.
Please contact me ASAP to decide the topic.

After the topic is decided, please start working on the dissertation proposal, which should include the following sections:

1. Aims of the Dissertation:
This should include a?to investigate the following hypothesis or to answer the following research question(s)a. With the same then specified as bullet points.

2. Methodology:
This section is about how you propose to answer the questions above or to investigate the hypothesis. A pilot study is recommended before using a questionnaire with the main sample.

3. Feasibility:
Have you got the resources necessary a e.g. access to data a consent from your firm a some indication of the willingness of subjects to be questioned or interviewed?

4. How Your Work Fits Existing Published Work:
Find about 10 sources of information (references) connected to the work you propose to do and analyze them as to how your work fills a gap or extends them. Compare and contrast them with each other and with your approach. Some (at least 5) must be academic publications, preferably from refereed journals.

5. Why You Are Doing This Topic:
Apart from the obvious a to get my Masters degree, what is the benefit hoped for to your firm or industry etc. What actions may result from the valuable insights gained?

6. Timing Mileposts
N.B. You must reach stage 8 at least four weeks before your deadline; a month contingency provision is also advisable to allow for slippages.

7. References
At least 10 sources (Harvard style referencing).