Chose a question about an everyday detail of ordinary existence in our learning, and using Economics concepts to write a short essay.

Learning Objective
The principal purpose is to pose and answer a question about an everyday detail of ordinary existence in the bright new light of your learning. Draw on The Economic Naturalist to guide your preparation of a question. To illustrate, consider the following set of questions.
a? Why do keypad buttons on drive-up automatic teller machines have Braille dots?
a? Why do top female models earn more than top male models?
a? Why do brides buy wedding dresses (that they wear once) and grooms rent tuxedos (that they could wear on many other occasions)?
a? Why do people often stand at concerts, even though they can see just as well when everyone sits?
Connection to Course Goals
This assignment requires you to identify and answer a question using economic concepts. It shows that you
a? Understand economic concepts (first goal from the syllabus).
a? Can apply the economic concepts to interpret an ordinary situation (second goal).
a? Recognize how economics can be used to conceptualize ordinary transactions.
a? Reward your investment in the second book for the course.
1. Type your question and answer.
2. Should take one-half (typewritten) page or less.
3. Check to verify that your question has not already been asked in The Economic Naturalist.
4. Analyze how economic concepts are revealed in the question.
1. Does the question demonstrate a complete understanding of the economic concept?
2. Is the writing clear? Does it attend to correct spelling, grammar and language rules?
3. Does the writing add to the questions assembled in The Economic Naturalist?

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