Christmas CarolWhich of the three Spirits is the most influential in Scrooges transformation?

You are going to author a five paragraph literary analysis paper on Charles Dickens; A Christmas Carol. Directions for writing the literary analysis are to be found at the following two addresses. The first is a power point presentation at[ The second is a pdf presentation[ at http:// When you get to the site, go to search and type in How to Write a Literary Analysis”. When it appears, click on it, and itwill take you directly to the presentation. The most important part of the pdf presentation is pages 1-4. The remainder is good information on proper documentation. You must read both sites thoroughly before writing your paper.

You must write an introductory paragraph, culminating in the all-important thesis statement. In your thesis statement, you must clearly present the central idea of your analysis and the three steps of development that you will deal with in the body of your essay. Before the thesis statement, you must lead in to it with two or three sentences that set up the main idea and contain the name of the novel and the author. Each of the three body paragraphs must have its own topic sentence stressing one of the three steps of development established in the thesis statement The concluding sentence of each body paragraph must contain a clear transition to the next idea to be discussed. Your concluding paragraph must provide your analysis with a strong and positive ending. Do not repeat the introduction, but in a different and interesting manner remind the reader of the central idea and the three steps of development. Pay strict attention to all rules of grammar.
The paper is on A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens and the specific topic of the paper is :