Churn Management )) How to predict, manage and reduce churn?

Churn Management is a a?fundamental concern for businesses and the emergence of the digital economy has made the problem even more acutea? (Lejeune, 2001 p375). a?Customer churn has become a particularly significant problem for firms in publishing, financial services, insurance utilities, healthcare, banking a¦and the Interneta? (Neslin et al 2006 p.204)

What does academic research on churn management have to offer for managers who wish to predict, manage and reduce churn?

Identify the best evidence from journal papers on churn and related topics such as defection and retention and summarise your recommendations to managers in any relevant business of your choice (telecommunication would be preferred)

***Be critical of the papers you read, and summarise the main focus of the papers.***

***Well defined structure, clear articulation, correctly/fully/accurately referenced***

***Critically evaluative discussion with necessary description***

***Excellent examples provided throughout to illustrate insights***

The assignment should be a maximum length of 2000 words of text (excludes appendices, graphs, tables and references), word-processed, 1.5 spaced using 12 point, preferably Times New Roman font

Use one inch (about 2.5cm) margins as a minimum to right and left

You should include the word count on your front page

Referencing Requirements:
from Business Source Complete

Reference to wide range of texts and a good range of scholarly articles