CI Design Project: Evaluating Presentation Factors

To assess your ability to judge the presentation factors of a given human-computer interface using appropriate criteria and standards.

For this assignment, you will identify presentation factors used in your HCI design project, locate and read articles about those factors, and write a paper that discusses how specific criteria should be applied to evaluate the presentation factors of various technologies.

Action Items
1. Identify one or more presentation factors that you used in your HCI design (e.g. icons, tabbed user interfaces, color).
2. Find three peer-reviewed articles about those presentation factor(s) using the ACM Digital Library to locate articles published in the last five years.
3. Read the articles to determine how the authors selected and implemented the presentation factors chosen. Take notice of how they evaluated the use made of those presentation factors.
4. Write a 5-page (double-spaced) paper based on the scholarly articles, your knowledge based on readings in The Resonant Interface and your own views of presentation factors and how they influence user interfaces.
5. Your paper should address the following questions:
i?? What criteria should be applied when choosing presentation factors in a user interface?
i?? What criteria should be applied when measuring the effectiveness of chosen presentation factors?
6. Use properly formatted in-text citations and a reference list to accurately cite the sources of information that you use to write your assignment. Failure to use proper citations and references is plagiarism and could result in a charge of academic dishonesty.

The Resonant Interface: HCI Foundations for Interaction Design.
chapters 12 and 13