CI Design Project: Interface Design Description

***Please pick a user interface design that is simple, not too complicated****

Part 1
HCI Design Project: Interface Design Description

In this assignment, you will create an abstract that sufficiently describes your proposed human-computer interface design project. Your abstract must be descriptive enough to allow your professor to determine whether it will work for the project. If your proposal appears to be insufficient or too ambitious, your professor will work with you to bring the proposal into alignment with the intent of the project.

Action Items
1. Identify a project that you will carry out over the course of this class. It may be an enhancement to an existing user interface or a completely new tool. However, it needs to be sufficiently complex to show your ability to design both multiple screens and interaction flows as the user carries out a small number of tasks.
2. Write a 1 page abstract (a concise, informative description) of the software interface project you propose to complete for the HCI Design Project.
3. Submit your assignment for analysis to
4. Review your Originality Report.
5. Make appropriate changes to your paper and re-submit it to
6. When you are satisfied with the quality of your paper, submit it to your professor as indicated in the Submission Instructions.