Civil engineering level 1 Fluid Mechanics Lab report (oriphis and free jet flow)

Lab report should include 1 page per section, introduction,theory,conclusion
i have done the results section.
the importance of the lab is mainly to calculate the velocity coefficient Cv of a jet flow for different dimensions of oraphis and different heads in the tank. my results can guide you to see the effects that they both have on the velocity coefficient. you will definitely need this. references are needed to provide evidence for a particular opinion or fact. In the lab firstly we worked out the position of our needles to the bottom of the water flowing from the oraphis, we then marked each point on a graph paper. we then calculated our (yh)^0.5 values from our results which is provided in the table of results. and then we drew a graph showing distance against (yh)^0.5. we then calculated the gradient which then allowed us to calculate the velocity coefficient of the jet flow. we caried ou the same process for our 4 sets of results (tables and graphs). i will provide you with a brief theory of the experiment. results of my experiment will have a key role on writing the report. a cover sheet and a contents page is not required.