Civil ware duration-event history/survival analysis

i?? My topic is about:
(A review of recent literature using event history/ survival analysis within the context of civil war duration.)

i?? Requires:
a? the writer should select any 5 articles published 2011 onwards( internet resources are not a acceptable) and review each article in 500-600 words by focusing on the research purpose, hypotheses and result. Cite all articles at the end.

a? the writer should summaries each article that he select then he must make after the summary a causal diagram for each article

a? and please mention the reference under each article you summaries it with the diagram.
i?? The sources that we should only use :

i?? The terminology that should be available in the articles on of these terms are: ( KEY WORDS)
1. survival analysis
2. event history
3. hazard analysis
4. Cox regression
5. duration model
do not use the internet to search the artical only the sources that i gave it to you you can use because it is academic resource