CL gas detection by using manual air sampling pump

First the introduction have to be at least 1 page : talking about chemical reaction with formals in in the HCl gas , health effect of HCL , tubes that using and the pumps and how it work
Second you have to write objective: to get familiar with the manuals air sampling pump and gas detection tubes . materials and instruments ( air sampling pump that I used was Matteson-KitagawaModel No.8014-400A, and the gas detection tube was 0-20ppm Sansidgne , glass container that we mix the CLR 1oz and lerach 1oz also 1oz of tap water on that container, also I use safety class)
Third methodology : step by step explaining how you did the experiment . first we wear the safety class , then the teacher mix the liquids, then we broke the two sides of the tubes and we attached to the pump . then we put the tube on the top of the container and pull the pump to the end and see . then pull it back and take the tube and see the changing of the color.
Then you write the result : short paragraph ( numbers , reports )
At the end you write the conclusion : factors affect your result ( 1the HCL concentration decrease , 2the location of the tube with respect to the container , 3air volume , 4air pump , 5ventalion / air flow )

To get acquainted with the methodology please google gas tube detection. There is not data yet so you can use some other figures, Ill adjust them afterwards, just please make sure to describe the calculations and write down the formulas.