Class execises of Ethnicity and immigration

Find an article which represents an asylum seekers in Australia or ethnic conflict in the world.
Complete the following tasks in relation to your chosen newspaper article:
a?summarise the argument of the article in one or two sentences
a?note the evidence used by the author and the sources of the evidence
a?identify how the argument in the newspaper article differs from the arguments in the set readings
a?explain the reasons for those differences

Set Readings (i will upload)
Jamrozik, A (2004) The Chains of Colonial Inheritance: Searching for Identity in a Subservient Nation, Sydney: The University of New South Wales Press, chapter5..

Fiske, L. (2006) a?Politics of Exclusion, Practice of Inclusion: Australiaas Response to Refugees and the Case for Community Based Human Rights Worka, The International Journal of Human Rights, 10(3), pp. 219-229.

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