Class size and academic performance in 4th grade elementary schools.

Actually the research for this paper has to be done for someone who knows how to use the data available to educators and policy makers. usually data is taken from an online site like the NCES where there are information regarding the academic achievement of 4 th grade students. the reserach and methodology used to write this paper should be written and explained after a research method is chosen. I need to prove if there is a significant difference between smaller classes size and academic performance of students in elementary schools. ( I choose 4th grade level since there is some national exams given to all students, and all academic subjects at this grade) it also includes private schools and public schools. This research should be done in APA style. I have the abstract and the Literature Review done already but I need to come up with a methodology, analisys and a conclusion to answer the question If there is a significant diffrence between class size and students academic performance in elementary schools. I also want to know if my paper would be done… ASAP to otherwise find someone else to help me.